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Exciting New Coffees Arriving

Ever wonder what happened to that old favorite — Tanzania Peaberry? Well we finally found some that meets our standards of excellence, and it, along with some other popular coffees, are arriving this week! The Tanzanian coffee that we sampled has a juicy, jam-like aroma complemented by a clean citrusy brightness and a honey finish. We also located an excellent Nicaraguan coffee that has stone fruit and caramel in the aroma, along with a lemony acidity, a very focused flavor and a long elegant finish. Hawaiian Kona is another of our new arrivals. Our Kona has notes of dried fruit, chocolate and spice in the aroma. The chocolate and fruit carry on into the flavor along with caramel notes and smooth body. We are pleased to offer a Fair Trade Certified Organic Decaffeinated coffee from Peru. The Decaf. Peruvian coffee has a pungent fruit and spice aroma with hints of dark chocolate and a rich body. We can hardly wait for you to tell us what you think of these new selections!

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