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Hawaiian Kona and Organic Peru Back in Stock

We now have two of our customers’ favorite coffees available again.

Hawaii is the only place in the U. S. where coffee is grown. Our Hawaiian Kona is smooth and sweet. It has notes of caramel and chocolate and a hint of spice and is luxurious with tropical flavors. Our Hawaiian Kona is available for $49.95. We also use this coffee as a component in our Coffee Lover’s Blend. Coffee Lover’s Blend is has complex flavor and exquisite aroma. It’s a blend of Hawaiian, Celebes (also known as Sulawesi) and Ethiopian and is available for $29.95.

Our Organic Peruvian is well-balanced with good brightness and fine body, showing notes of cherry and chocolate. It is normally a great deal at $13.95 and is a fantastic bargain on sale this month at $12.95!

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