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Our Greener Way at The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc. — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

For many years we have been reusing and recycling the corrugated boxes and packing material that we use for shipping orders.  We also encourage our local friends to bring back clean Kraft shopping bags that feature our logo, and we are happy to reuse them, as well as refund 40 cents per bag.

Some folks bring in their own containers to be filled with coffee or tea.  Others bring their cloth shopping bags to eliminate the use of our paper bags.  These are good ways to reduce the use of the bags that we provide here.  If you would like to bring your containers, we will be happy to fill them and provide a label to identify the types of coffees and teas that you purchase.  Please be sure your jars or containers are clean, dry and airtight.

If you are planning your Spring garden and plan to use compost to enrich your soil, we recommend used coffee grounds and tea leaves as a great addition to the compost pile.  At The Kaffeeklatsch Inc. we are happy to share ideas about how we can love the Earth!










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