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What’s New in January 2019

Everything is fresh! At The Kaffeeklatsch the coffee roasting began on Wednesday, January 2nd to replenish our stock in preparation for our reopening on Thursday, January 3rd. On Friday, January 4th we received our first shipment of coffee this year. Unloading 25 bags of green (unroasted) coffee with each one averaging 130 pounds takes some serious man and woman power. Since we have no loading dock, each bag is rolled into the store with a hand truck.

One of the new coffees that we’ll be showcasing is our special offering of Timor-Leste Organic Ermera Letefoho. Another coffee that is different is our Colombia Cauca El Totoro. This lovely Colombian coffee is our Coffee of the Month for January. New crops of Brazilian coffees are now available for our tasting crew, and we’re very pleased with the samples that we have received.

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