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New Sign Marks The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc.

On Friday, September 11, 2015 our well-weathered sign of the past 37 years was taken down and replaced by the striking new look of our original logo in a frame of black. In 1977 we worked with Brien O’Brien and Jim Felder of a graphics cooperative known as Grapheteria, located above our store in the Terry Hutchens Building. Brien created our logo, and Jim designed our sign. Jim built the sign in his workshop on his farm in Tennessee, and then delivered the sign and Brien’s design to Sparkman Granite on Wells Avenue in Huntsville. After the sign was sandblasted to create the texture of the design, Jim took it back to his workshop where he and his wife, Donna, painted and stained it. After retouching the sign a couple of times over the years, we had to face the fact that it needed replacing.

We commissioned the folks at Datatech/Woodtech to create a fresh, new look while keeping the essential elements of the logo and font of the original sign. After poring over their suggestions, we agreed on the colors and graphic design of our bold new sign. Fred Dieterich constructed it by joining pieces of cypress wood sourced from American Hardwood (probably from trees knocked down by Hurricane Katrina) and sanding them to make an even surface. He then applied a pickling stain to the square to bring out the natural grain. A UV printer was used to print the colored graphics on the wood, and a border of cypress wood was added to keep the sign straight. The entire sign was sealed with several coats of marine varnish for extra protection against the sun and other elements.

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