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New Crops of Coffees Arriving in Early August!

This week we expect to receive coffees from the following countries:

Costa Rica “Honey” La Minita El Lilo,

Costa Rica Dota “Yellow Honey”,

Mexico Jaltenango Chiapas – Fair Trade Organic,

Panama Maunier Estate,

Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1, and

Tanzania Ngorongoro Highland Peaberry!

At The Kaffeeklatsch we taste samples of different “new crop” coffees that were¬† harvested recently, processed, then shipped to our brokers. Our brokers send us samples of various types of coffee to choose from before we make our final purchase. During the past three weeks, we gathered (before the store opened) for early morning coffee tasting sessions. Occasionally we had to meet on a Sunday or Monday. With two to three coffee samples labelled by number only, the blind tasting begins. After sniffing, slurping and taking notes, we compare our opinions. We must reach a consensus for a particular coffee to be accepted.

The coffees that we have chosen will be arriving at the end of this week. We hope that you enjoy the results of our efforts!



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