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Coffee and Tea Central for the Holidays!

The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc. is the place for all your holiday coffee and tea needs, and we carry a line of accessories for brewing a delicious cup. Our coffees are not the “run of the mill blends” found in chain and big box stores. Each coffee is sampled by our coffee tasters and must meet our rigorous standards of excellence. Here are some of our many choices:

Guatemala Huehuetenango is our Coffee of the Month for December and is on sale for only $14.45 per pound. Well balanced and complex, our Guatemalan is a crowd pleaser.

Our Costa Rica La Minita has been a favorite for many years and is exclusive in Huntsville to our store. Now the La Minita folks are offering a “Honey Processed” coffee that is developing its own following. The Costa Rica La Minita is elegant and refined and is available for $17.95 per pound. The Costa Rica La Minita “Honey Processed” is a brighter, sweeter version and is now $19.50 per pound.

We offer two Ethiopian coffees. Our Ethiopian Harrar is Certified Organic and fits the classic Harrar profile, refined with fruity and wine-like notes and a bit of  bittersweet chocolate in the finish. It’s available for $18.95 per pound

Our Indonesian island coffee, Organic Bali Kintamani, has an exotic full flavor with intense fruity notes, a bit of earthiness, and smooth mouthfeel. This Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is complex and spicy with dark chocolate nuances and is $15.95 per pound.

We also offer several Special Blends, carefully crafted with coffees that compliment each other. Try one today!

Please note that we will be open on December 23 our regular hours of 10 am to 3 pm and we will be closed for our Winter Holiday from Sunday, December 24 until we reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

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