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Catracha Coffee Company

Catracha Coffee Company was established in 2010, when Mayra Orellana-Powell realized her dream of starting a coffee business that would have an impact in the community where she was born and raised.

Mayra named her business Catracha Coffee Company because “Catracha” is a nickname for a Honduran woman.

Since 2011, Mayra has been helping farmers from Santa Elena access the specialty coffee market with a firm commitment to her community and the environment. Mayra’s family has harvested small quantities of coffee on family farms for generations. Coffee has traditionally been their main source of income.  Mayra understands that finding ways to improve the income earned per pound of coffee can impact the choices families are able to make in their daily lives.   Catracha Coffee purchases from small farmers and returns the profits from the sale of green coffee to the farmer who produced the coffee.  These farmers do not have the land or infrastructure to produce large volumes of coffee but they can still improve their earnings per pound with better quality coffee.

The Kaffeeklatsch has proudly carried several of the Honduran coffees imported by Royal Coffee in collaboration with Catracha. Our current offering is Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Aran Hernandez Amaya.

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