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Cupping Samples of Tanzanian Peaberry

First thing this morning Grant and Kathy started their day by tasting a sample of Tanzanian Peaberry coffee. Grant roasted the sample of coffee beans in our little sample roaster. Then using filtered water, exact measurements and precise timing for each sample of coffee, they brewed a pot of “pour-over” drip coffee. They began the sniffing and slurping associated with the purposeful tasting of coffee called “cupping.” They judged the aroma, acidity, body and finish of the brewed coffee, tasting as the coffee went from hot to cold temperatures. Making notes during the process, they then decided if the sample of coffee met their standards for Kaffeeklatsch coffee. Fortunately the Tanzanian Peaberry got two thumbs up and will be available in The Kaffeeklatsch store and on our web site soon.

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