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Latest News for April

For the past two months we have been sampling coffees and booking them for April delivery. Among those that we expect to arrive soon is Brazil Mantiqueira de Manas Natural. We sampled four different Brazils and had a unanimous vote in favor of this particular coffee. This naturally processed Brazilian coffee has notes of nut butter, caramel and milk chocolate with a hint of apricot. Brazil is usually very soft, smooth and easy drinking, however this one has a little more complexity with the nut and caramel balanced by fruit flavors.

Fortunately, we have been offered some Yemen Mocca that has been described at high quality, but we haven’t yet sampled it. The Yemen Mocca Burrai is from the Pearl of Tehama Company, one of the few producers owned and operated by a woman, Mrs. Fatoum Muslot. Mrs. Muslot’s father started in the coffee business in the 1950s and left his coffee inheritance to his three children. Mrs. Muslots company has worked on improving the quality of her coffee and establishing associations of coffee growers.

From Africa we will be offering three coffees that we have not had in stock for a while. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural is a favorite of many of our customers with its wine-like, pungent, berry flavors. We also will be receiving an Ethiopian Harrar that really impressed us during out tasting. This Harrar has an aroma that almost jumps out of the cup. With notes of raspberry and blueberry balanced by thick chocolate, the Ethiopian Harrar will be a real treat for those of you who love Ethiopian coffee. Another popular African coffee is from Tanzania. We sampled a Tanzanian Peaberry from the Edelweiss Estate which is approved by the Rain Forest Alliance, and it was delicious. Tanzanian coffee has the fine acidity of other Africans, but is smoother with a delicate body.

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