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New Teas in Stock

Teas that arrived today, April 19, are as follows:

Elderflower Mutan White tea – Popular in cocktails, elderflower makes a wonderful pairing with white tea; taste is soft and subtle.
$8.25 per 1/4 lb.

Organic Himalayan Honey Green tea – An organic tea from Nepal; a delicious, lush, honeysuckle-note green.
A fabulous addition to our line of green teas.
$21.95 per 1/4 lb. or $5.75 per oz.

Mango Indica Black tea – Bright golden bits of fruit make an attractive contrast to the darker black leaves. The tea offers the sweet tropical fragrance and taste of luscious, ripe mango.
$5.95 per 1/4 lb.

Pear Garden Herbal tisane – With 96% of the ingredients being pear bits, it is little wonder the cup yields a soft, true pear taste. The cup is a pale gold brew.
$8.00 per 1/4 lb.

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