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Happy New Year!

  • We at The Kaffeeklatsch are happy to be back from our winter break and have lots of freshly roasted coffee to offer! In addition to our Coffee of the Month and Tea of the Month, we have another special sale during January.  Capresso Water Kettles are now on sale for 25% off while supplies last. These water kettles have temperature adjustments and are great for making coffee or tea quickly and safely.

  • Kaffeeklatsch black long-sleeve t-shirts and Kaffeeklatsch 40th Anniversary red short-sleeve t-shirts are marked $2.00 off. Selection of sizes is limited.

  • During January we are continuing to offer a free pound of Kaffeeklatsch coffee with the purchase of a Technivorm Moccamaster automatic drip coffeemaker. Once you taste coffee brewed in a Technivorm Moccamaster machine, it is hard to drink coffee from another brand of coffeemaker, and they come with a Five-Year warranty!


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