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What’s in a Word? Single Origin, Single Estate, and Microlot

Single origin is a rather broad term for a coffee that is sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Single estate means that the coffee is sourced from one farm, mill or co-operative. Narrowing down you may can find a coffee that is labeled from a particular estate, a specific lot or paddock the coffee was grown on. A Microlot is a coffee harvested from a specific farm or even a single field on a farm.


The most important thing about single origin is its traceability, the fact that you know exactly where your coffee is from and that it’s a specific coffee, not a blend. Usually it is higher quality coffee, with the unique characteristics of the specific area where the coffee is produced. We carry several Single Estate coffees that now include Brazil Fazenda Floresta, Celebes Kalossi Toraja Jaya AA, Costa Rica La Minita, Honduras Santa Elena Adan Amaya, Ethiopia Hambela, Hawaiian Kona Makapueo, New Guinea Nebilyer Valley, and Panama Panamaria Casa Ruiz.

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