The Kaffeeklatsch Inc. first opened its doors to coffee lovers on May 17, 1976. Our business was patterned after the San Francisco coffee houses we visited while living in California.

After a year of business, we decided to roast coffee beans ourselves, insuring absolute control over freshness and quality. We acquired a vintage 1929 Jabez Burns coffee roaster from New Orleans and began roasting for a growing number of satisfied customers. Since November 1977, we’ve enticed passersby with the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee.  Our Master Roaster, Grant Heath, has over 37 years of experience in roasting.  Grant and Kathy Heath sample all coffees and teas purchased by The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc. to make sure they are of the highest quality.  We strive to provide the best products with courteous and friendly service reflecting the values of a family business, locally owned and operated.  Your comments are appreciated.