New Arrivals!

Our Guatemala Huehuetenango Palhu GrainPro is from the premier coffee growing region of Huehuetenango and “Palhu” is formed from a combination of the family name Palacios and the department of Huehuetenango. The sweetness of our Guatemalan is balanced by citrus and stone fruit notes. It has a chocolate undertone with hints of caramel and nuts. Packed in GrainPro bags to preserve its freshness, our Guatemalan coffee is now $15.45 per pound.

Our Kenya coffee comes to us from Nyeri County in the Central Highlands of Kenya and is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Kiangundo Factory.  The Kiama Farmers Co-operative Society manages the Kiangundo Factory. Kenya Nyeri is a complex coffee with lively nuances of lemon, grapefruit and apple. It has full body and a hint of chocolate and molasses in the finish. Kenya is the East African lion of the coffee world noted for excellence and is available for $18.95 per pound.