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Hand Crafted Coffee

The Kaffeeklatsch is a true “hand crafted” roaster of coffees. Coffee roasting is an art as well as a science and requires years of experience. We do not rely on automation to determine optimum roast spectrums. Our master roaster, Grant Heath, who has been roasting specialty coffee for over 36 years, tends to each and every batch. Coffee is a volatile, natural food product. Each variety of coffee has its ideal roasting time and temperature. However, different batches can be unpredictable with external temperature, relative humidity and many other factors contributing to how a particular roast behaves. Only a master roaster can make the subtle adjustments required during the roasting process. Roasting small batches of coffee on the premises allows the Kaffeeklatsch absolute control over bean quality and freshness.
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Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Certification guarantees that farmers and workers receive a fair price for the coffees that they produce. The Fair Trade price means that farmers can better provide for their families and that their children can go to school instead of working in the fields. These farmers can avoid cost-cutting practices that compromise quality. Producers are also encouraged to work towards organic production through price incentives.
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Certified Organic Coffee

Certified organic coffee is coffee that is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other agrochemicals. Certified organic coffees are reviewed by an independent certifying agency that inspects the coffee farm and monitors all the stages of production for adherence to sustainable agricultural techniques and ecologically sound practices. All coffee farm resources must test chemical-free for three consecutive years before they can be certified organic.
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Shade Grown Coffee

Shade grown coffee is coffee cultivated under a canopy of sun filtering shade trees. Shaded coffee farms are more ecologically sound with the shade trees providing natural fertilizer, mulch and a source of wood used for cooking, fuel and lumber. The shade trees provide a sanctuary for bird and animal life. Often the trees used for shading coffee offer another income producing crop such a citrus fruit and hardwood.
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