Certified Organic Coffee

Certified organic coffee is coffee that is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other agrochemicals. Certified organic coffees are reviewed by an independent certifying agency that inspects the coffee farm and monitors all the stages of production for adherence to sustainable agricultural techniques and ecologically sound practices. All coffee farm resources must test chemical-free for three consecutive years before they can be certified organic. After certification the farm is re-tested for organic qualification every year. When coffee from an organic farm is harvested and processed, it is isolated from all coffee coming from other vendors. The sacks are clearly marked “organic” to prevent them from being confused with the non-organic beans.

Organic coffee helps preserve the local ecosystem as well as the health of farmers and their families. Organic farming methods help the environment in many ways. Coffee products such as the pulp from coffee cherries can be reused in composting. Clearing undergrowth by hand rather than using herbicides prevents soil erosion. Wild life, especially migratory birds, is encouraged by the probation of pesticides. Often bananas, citrus fruit or other food crops are inter-planted with the coffee.

At The Kaffeeklatsch we purchase certified organic coffees when they are premium quality beans that meet our standards. Availability varies from time to time. Currently our Certified Organic coffees include coffees from Mexico, Peru and Sumatra.