Harvest Blend $15.75 lb.

Delightfully creamy and smooth, hint of sweetness and some French Vanilla flavor. Learn More

Kaffeeklatsch House Blend $14.50 lb.

Medium-bodied, well balanced, pleasant flavor. The lively, complex flavors of Central and South American coffees make our House Blend a real crowd pleaser. Learn More

Irish Cream from $15.50 lb.

A flavor of Irish whiskey, coffee, cream, and sugar now captured in coffee. Irish Cream is a remarkably mellow, creamy, and warming. Learn More

German Blend $16.95 lb.

Guatemalan Antigua, Colombia Supremo and Plantation Kenya AA, smooth and rich with bright notes. The Germans are famous for their coffeehouses and the excellent blends that they create. Learn More

Bavarian Chocolate from $15.50 lb.

A European style, darker and richer chocolate flavor. If you like really good sophisticated chocolates this is the coffee for you. Learn More

Italian Roast $16.95 lb.

Our darkest roast. Very intense, ebony coffee with pronounced smoky overtones. Learn More

Mocha/Java $17.95 lb.

The world’s oldest and most famous blend, rich, full-bodied, striking flavor. Learn More

Breakfast Blend $15.25 lb.

Our blend of Colombian Supremo and French Roast is smooth and rich with great depth of character. Combining the fine flavor of Colombian and the bittersweet chocolate notes of French Roast, Breakfast Blend displays the subtleties of the arts of roasting and of blending. Learn More

Costa Rica La Minita $18.50 lb.

Elegant, refined and complex. This internationally known single-estate coffee is the best crop we have tasted in years with its bright acidity, medium body and sweet flavors of citrus, caramelized sugar and fine chocolate. A veritable symphony of flavors! Learn More