Countries Of Origin

Our coffees from the following countries are roasted to a deep brown in the American full city style.

Bali Organic RFA Kintamani Natural $15.95 lb.

Exotic full flavor with intense fruity and earthy notes, smooth mouthfeel; complex and spicy with dark chocolate nuances. Learn More

Brazil Natural Pocos de Caldas 16+ GrainPro $13.95 lb.

Save 7%

Along with the fresh fruit and cola notes, our Brazil Pocos de Caldas has hints of vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel with a creamy milk chocolate finish. Learn More

Colombia Antioquia Giraldo Exotico $15.95 lb.

Colombia Antioquia Giraldo Exotico, is an extraordinary single origin coffee from Colombia’s Antioquia region. Complex, with stone fruit notes up front balanced by nutty, caramel flavors and a hint of spice Learn More

Costa Rica La Minita $17.95 lb.

Elegant, refined and complex. This internationally known single-estate coffee is the best crop we have tasted in years with its bright acidity, medium body and sweet flavors of citrus, caramelized sugar and fine chocolate. A veritable symphony of flavors! Learn More

Costa Rican La Minita Honey-Processed $19.50 lb.

This flagship coffee from Hacienda La Minita has been processed with a bit of the fruit stuck to the bean while it dries, known as "Honey Process", resulting in a brighter, fruitier, sweeter cup of coffee. Learn More

Ethiopian Guji 1 Uraga GrainPro $17.95 lb.

Unique flavor with notes of fruit, brown sugar and lemon grass. Clean and focused with a pleasant mouthfeel. Coffee of the Arabica variety was discovered growing over 1000 years ago in Ethiopia where stands of coffee remain unpicked due to inaccessibility. Learn More

Ethiopian Harrar Organic Natural Chercher Oda $18.95 lb.

A classic Ethiopian Harrar, smooth and refined with fruity, wine-like notes and a hint of semisweet chocolate. It has subtle notes of berry, strawberry, and honey. The finest "mocha-style" coffee in the world today. Learn More

Guatemala Huehuetenango Palhu SHB EP Grainpro $15.45 lb.

The sweetness of our Guatemalan is balanced by citrus and stone fruit notes. It has a chocolate undertone with hints of caramel and nuts. Learn More

Hawaiian Kona Makapueo $49.95 lb.

Notes of caramel and chocolate in the aroma; sweet and smooth, soft drinking. Learn More

Honduras FTO Marcala Cooperative Raos $14.95 lb.

Our Fair Trade Organic Honduran coffee from the Raos Coop has notes of brown sugar, caramel and toffee balanced by a delicate fruity acidity. Learn More

Kenya Nyeri Kiama Kiangundo AB GrainPro $18.95 lb.

A lively coffee with citrus and fruit in the aroma and cup. Complex and full body with nuances of lemon, grapefruit, apple and a hint of chocolate and molasses. Learn More

Mexican Organic Chiapas Serrano Altura EP $14.95 lb.

Our Mexico Organic Chiapas is well balanced with brown sugar, lemon and crisp apple flavors. Our Mexican coffees are smooth and soft drinking, making them very popular with our customers. Learn More

Peruvian FTO CENTROCAFE 85+ GrainPro $15.95 lb.

Smooth flavor, good acidity, excellent body. In the cloud forest of the Andes — the ancient land of the Incas — coffee is grown much has it has been for generations … with great care, and with great respect for the land. Learn More

Sumatra Takengon IKA $15.95 lb.

Our Sumatra Mandheling has a magnificent heavy body with an earthy quality. Its character is sturdy and direct, and the flavor shows hints of cherry and dark chocolate. Learn More

Timor Organic Fair Trade $15.95 lb.

Well balanced, excellent body, clean aromatic finish. The mountainous regions of East Timor are covered in rain clouds and mists providing excellent coffee growing conditions. Learn More

Yemen Mocca Sanani $24.95 lb.

Lush chocolate, wine-like, dried fig, spice, and black tea flavors dominate. Complex and pungent aroma. Yemen Mocca is cultivated and processed today much as it has been for centuries. Learn More