All our decaffeinated coffees are naturally processed – no industrial solvents used.

Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend $16.95 lb.

Hearty and rich, a decaffeinated version of our Breakfast Blend. This full-bodied blend of Decaffeinated Colombian and Decaffeinated French Roast is so delicious one can hardly tell that it is “not the real thing”. Learn More

Decaffeinated Colombian Supremo $15.95 lb.

Mild, smooth flavor with medium-body. Coffee beans are decaffeinated prior to roasting and must be 97% caffeine free to be classified as decaf. Learn More

Decaffeinated Ethiopian $16.95 lb.

Pungent aroma, tangy flavor, medium-body. Our Decaffeinated Ethiopian is from the Sidamo region and reflects the quality that this famous coffee growing state is known for. Learn More

Decaffeinated French Roast $17.50 lb.

Dark, smoky flavor, full body without the caffeine. High quality African and Indonesian beans are roasted a little longer that our other decaffeinated coffees to develop the characteristic dark, rich flavor of French Roast. Learn More

Decaffeinated German Blend $16.95 lb.

A Decaffeinated version of our popular German Blend. Inspired by the traditional combination of the best grades of South American and African coffees, we developed this blend to suit our European customers. Learn More

Decaffeinated Kaffeeklatsch House Blend $16.95 lb.

Smooth and complex, a decaffeinated version of our Kaffeeklatsch House Blend. This well rounded blend of Decaffeinated Colombian, Decaffeinated Peruvian, Decaffeinated Ethiopian and Decaffeinated Sumatran is so delicious one can hardly tell that it is “not the real thing”. Learn More

Decaffeinated Mocha/Java $17.95 lb.

Blend of Decaf Ethiopian and Decaf Sumatra Mandheling, complex and full-bodied. Our decaffeinated version of the classic blend of Mocha style coffee from Ethiopia and Indonesian coffee is rich and flavorful. Learn More

Decaffeinated Peruvian Organic $16.95 lb.

Mild flavor, nice btightness, excellent body. Grown high in the Andean mountains at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 feet, our Peruvian coffee is certified organic. Learn More

Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling $18.95 lb.

True coffee flavor, full body and rich flavor. Sumatra Mandheling’s flavors are so deep and complex that they withstand better than any other coffee the slight flavor loss that decaffeination causes. Learn More