Flavored Coffee

The following coffees make a fine calorie-free desert.  All are available in regular and some are available in naturally decaffeinated.  We use top-grade beans for our flavored coffees.

Bavarian Chocolate from $15.50 lb.

A European style, darker and richer chocolate flavor. If you like really good sophisticated chocolates this is the coffee for you. Learn More

Caramel Decadence $15.50 lb.

A sweet aroma mixed with a smooth cream, you don't have to be royalty to enjoy it! Creamy French caramel and just a spot of cream make Caramel flavored coffee... Learn More

Chocolate Hazelnut from $15.50 lb.

A classic yet irresistible taste of chocolate flavored coffee and with the essence of freshly roasted hazelnut. Learn More

Chocolate Pecan from $15.50 lb.

A mixture of chocolate and pecan, flavorful, nutty aroma and taste. A southern tradition! Learn More

Creme Brulee $15.50 lb.

A warm toasty caramel glaze with the rich cool custard flavor. Learn More

Frangelico & Creme from $15.50 lb.

Toasted Hazelnut essence with a creamy finish makes this an excellent dessert coffee. Learn More

French Vanilla $15.50 lb.

Rich sweet vanilla flavors in your heavenly cup of fine roasted coffee. A rich and full-bodied coffee. Learn More

Golden Pecan from $15.50 lb.

Real roasted pecan pieces are combined with our coffee beans to accentuate the toasted nut flavors. Learn More

Irish Cream from $15.50 lb.

A flavor of Irish whiskey, coffee, cream, and sugar now captured in coffee. Irish Cream is a remarkably mellow, creamy, and warming. Learn More

Pecan Praline from $15.50 lb.

A Southern treat...rich, creamy praline wraps itself around the nutty taste and aroma of Southern pecans. Learn More

Swiss Chocolate Almond $15.50 lb.

A creamy chocolate and almond mix that will give you an exceptionally smooth flavor and will melt in your mouth. Learn More

Toasted Almond $15.50 lb.

The delicate flavor of warm, toasted almonds makes this an exceptional coffee. Learn More

Yuletide Cheer from $15.50 lb.

Experience the the warmth and flavors of the holidays all year. Learn More