Flavored Teas

Flavored teas are made by adding flavors, fruits and flowers to black, oolong or green teas. All components have to be carefully selected and combined to guarantee a high quality tea.

Classic Earl Grey $5.50 1/4lb.

Traditional bergamot flavor with blossoms. Fine black tea naturally flavored with oil of bergamot and bergamot blossoms. Learn More

Fancy Jasmine Downy Pearls $20.95 1/4lb.

Green leaf tips scented with Jasmine blossoms and hand rolled – Exquisite. Only the youngest leaf tips are scented eight to ten times with Jasmine blossoms and hand rolled into pellets. Learn More

Jasmine Super Yin Hao $13.95 1/4lb.

Beautiful aroma of Jasmine flower added to delicate green tea. Top grade jasmine scented green tea with white, downy tips infuses to a pale green cup with a delicate, sweet flavor. Learn More

Moroccan Mint $7.25 1/4lb.

Our proprietary blend of Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint and fine green teas. Delicious hot or cold. Learn More

Organic Lapsong Souchong $7.25 1/4lb.

Smoky, unique flavor. Carefully cured in the smoke of fragrant Chinese pinewood, this superior quality, Certified Organic Lapsang is deeply aromatic and uniquely flavorful. Learn More