Herbal Teas

A diverse treat for both young and old, herbal infusions are beneficial blends of herbs in a finely balanced composition, refined with delicious fragrances.

Ava’s Magic of Roses $6.50 1/4lb.

Amazing blend of fruits, herbs and baby rose buds. This incredibly fragrant blend of fruits, herbs and baby rose buds is a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors. Learn More

Organic Ginger Orange Tisane $8.25 1/4lb.

A flavorful Organic blend of fruits and herbs with orange peel, ginger, apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, rose hips, and lemongrass. Learn More

Organic Peppermint $7.50 1/4lb.

Invigorating, cut peppermint leaves. Pungent dried peppermint leaves are invigorating and freshen the breath. Certified Organic. Learn More

Organic Rooibos $6.95 1/4lb.

Known for extensive health benefits, Rooibus has a pleasing sweet flavor and distinctive red liqueur. our Organic Rooibos, or red bush "tea", is grown in the mountains of South Africa. Learn More

Organic Spearmint $7.95 1/4lb.

Refreshing mint, good for digestion. This refreshing mint is reminiscent of our grandmother’s herb garden. Promotes digestion and is often recommended after a meal. Learn More

Organic Strawberry Orange Tisane $8.25 1/4lb.

Sweet and refreshing. Dried orange and strawberry pieces blended with lemongrass and hibiscus blossoms. Learn More