Celebes Kalossi (Sulawesi) Toarco Jaya A Fully Washed

$18.95 lb.

Rich with hints of dark chocolate, maple syrup and  aromatic spice undertones, balanced by pungent fruit notes. Coffee from the Celebes Islands, now known as Sulawesi, exhibits full body, and it is one of the most interesting coffees from the Malay Archipelago.

Our Celebes (Sulawesi) Toarco Jaya coffee is cultivated by the Toraja people. This is an indigenous group from the central mountain region in the eastern part of Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes Islands), Indonesia. The processing of this coffee is done at the PT Toarco Jaya Estate, a joint Japanese and Indonesian coffee venture established in 1976. This coffee venture has a long history of economic development and improvement to the social environment in the region.  Toarco is one of  just a tiny handful of places in this part of the world where a coffee buyer can find the fully-washed process being utilized. This the best quality coffee in Sulawesi and is grown on diverse farms that are models of sustainable agriculture. On a typical coffee plot, one will see citrus trees, banana, avocado, passion fruit, clove trees, cacao trees, vanilla vines and various hardwood shade trees. Crops are harvested by the entire family and provide food as well as cash to supplement their income. We purchase our Celebes from brokers who specialize in Indonesian coffees and who select coffee from the oldest and finest growing areas.