Colombia Mejor de Narino Hernando Loaiza

$18.95 lb.

Our exclusive Colombian coffee from the department of Narino is produced by Hernando Loaiza on his 2-acre farm called La Ovejera. Mr. Loaiza’s coffee was selected by a professional cupping team in Colombia for this year’s Best of Narino. His farm is located in the municipality of Buesaco within the department of Narino, Colombia. Here warm air rises from the deep canyons at night and acts like a protective blanket for the coffee¬† plants perched on the mountain tops. Narino has a proximity to the equator that provides intense exposure to the sun which assists with the long maturation of the coffee cherries. These factors cause coffee plants to passively absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then come alive at night when the conditions are less harsh.

Hernando Loaiza continues to attend training workshops that help him learn about cultivating, processing and marketing specialty coffee. Recently he added a solar dryer to help him achieve consistent drying with protection from the rain. His micro-mill allows for meticulous care in processing the harvested coffee cherries which he depulps, ferments for eighteen hours, and dries for 7 to 14 days.