Colombia Antioquia Giraldo Exotico

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Our special Colombia Antioquia Giraldo Exotico is exceptional coffee.Colombia Giraldo Exotico is produced by Grupo Giraldo Exotico de Altura, founded in 2004 with 15 farmers in the town of Giraldo. Giraldo Exotico lies under the jurisdiction of the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia. In Antioquia, the heart of Colombia known as the coffee belt, coffee is produced year round with certain harvest peaks. The growers combine their efforts in the Andean mountains at a high elevation to produce this bright and lively coffee. The coffee is hand picked and sun dried by farmers committed to quality production and sustainable farming practices. Concentrated dried fruit aroma is followed by vibrant cherry and peach notes in the front of the mouth. Deep caramel, toasted almond and nutmeg counterbalance the distinct acidity, creating a smooth and well-composed cup.