Costa Rica Dota “Yellow Honey”

$18.95 lb.

Our Costa Rica Dota Yellow Honey is sourced from the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota R.L. (CoopeDota).  CoopeDota was founded in 1960 and includes 850 members that live throughout the canton of Dota within the province of San Jose, Costa Rica.  CoopeDota strives to create a sustainable economic impact in the community through the creation of jobs.  They also sell roasted coffee for national consumption, operate a coffee shop and hardware store and give guided tours of their coffee farms.

Farms in the CoopeDota grow their coffee trees at 1550 – 1950 meters in the Talamanca Mountain region.  The soil is volcanic loam and farmers grow Catuai and Caturra varieties.  They use an Eco-pulping method and dry in the sun or with mechanical driers.  The “Yellow Honey” term refers to the processing method.  While the skin and pulp of the coffee cherry are removed the next layer, the mucilage, is left on the bean for fermentation, this is the “Honey” process.  Honey processed coffees are sometimes assigned a color, yellow, red or black, and this refers to how much light the beans are exposed to during the drying part of the process.  “Yellow” means the beans were exposed to the most amount of light during drying.

Our Costa Rica Dota Yellow Honey has a wonderful fruit filled aroma with nuances of cherry, orange, melon and apple.  In the cup this coffee has notes of tropical fruits and cherry balanced by hints of chocolate, vanilla and caramel.