Ethiopia Gedeb 1 Natural Wuri

$19.50 lb.

Many people believe that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The indigenous coffee trees first grew in ancient “Abyssinia”, which is now present-day Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffees are characterized by wine-like notes, exquisitely piquant aroma and delightful complexity.

This crop of Ethiopia Gedeb 1 Premium Preparation Natural Wuri is sourced from Wuri Coffee Station owned by Ranger Industry & Trading. Located in the neighborhood (kebele) of Worka-Sakaro within the Gedeb district (woreda) of the Gedeo zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia this mill is one of only two privately owned mills in Worka-Sakaro. The Wuri mill services 850 small coffee producers that cultivate on 5 acre plots.

Producers in this area grow indigenous heirloom cultivars at altitudes of 2050 to 2100 meters. The soil is vertisol, which is a clayey soil that occurs in regions with distinct wet and dry seasons. Once the ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the mill they are carefully sorted and processed. This crop in processed full natural with the cherries being placed on raised drying beds in thin layers and then dried for 18 to 21 days. The cherries are raked or turned frequently to promote even drying. Once dry the cherries are hulled removing all the remaining outer layers and the processing in finished up with cleaning, sorting and grading. This crop is very fruit forward with good complexity. In the aroma there are strong notes of berry and citrus with hints of herbs and spices. A full, syrupy body in the cup with plentiful berry nuances including blueberry, cherry, raspberry and strawberry. Notes of lemon and lime as well as hints of earthiness and chocolate.