Ethiopia Harrar 4 Natural Organic Kubsitu Co-Op

$17.95 lb.

Our certified organic Ethiopia Harrar comes from the Kirara, West Hararghe zone within the Oromia region of Ethiopia (east of Addis Ababa and west of the walled city of Harar).  This coffee was produced by smallholder families organized under the Kubsitu Cooperative in the Guba Koricha District.  The Kubsitu co-op is a member of an independent union called Chercher Oda Bultum, an umbrella cooperative that was established in 2005.  The union currently supports almost 20,000 coffee farming families and provides financing, training and technical assistance to improve coffee quality as well as supporting other various agricultural and livestock systems for farmers.  The Kubsitu co-op manages their own washing station where about 400 small producers bring their coffee cherries.  Once the coffee is ready for export preparation the Kubsitu co-op works closely with the union on marketing the coffee internationally and ensuring traceability.

The coffee cherries are grown from indigenous heirloom cultivars at 1,780 meters in vertisol (a clayey soil that occurs in regions with distinct wet and dry seasons).  The cherries are processed full natural style.  First being meticulously sorted, then placed on raised drying beds in thin layers and dried in the fruit for 18 to 21 days.  A wonderful aroma with notes of fudgy chocolate and baked fruit.  Full and thick in the cup, yet still smooth, with nuances of winey fruit, deep dark chocolate and hints of spice.