Ethiopian Guji 1 Uraga GrainPro

$17.95 lb.

Guji is a zone within the southern province of Sidamo in Ethiopia. Uraga is the cooperative that produces Guji Uraga coffee. Guji has become one of the top coffee producing areas due to its high altitude, perfect climate, and unique processing. The area is sunny by day with cool nighttime temperatures. The varietals are local heirloom cultivars. Coffees from Sidamo are usually dry processed, but this coffee is washed meaning that the cherry is stripped off the pulp. This process helps to bring out an incredibly floral cup, not as earthy as some others.  Over the past few years Guji coffees have won a stellar reputation and are highly prized and sought after.

In the cup there are notes of brown sugar, fruit, and lemon grass. This coffee is clean and focused with a pleasant mouthfeel.

Many people believe that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The indigenous coffee trees first grew in ancient “Abyssinia”, which is now present-day Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffees are characterized by wine-like notes, exquisitely piquant aroma and delightful complexity.