Guatemala Huehuetenango Palhu SHB EP Grainpro

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Our Guatemalan coffee comes from the premier growing region of Huehuetenango. From the Finca La Providencia located in the municipality of San Pedro Necta within the department of Huehuetenango Guatemala, this farm is owned and operated by Max Palacios, a thrid generation coffee farmer. The name of the coffee, “Palhu” is formed from a combination of the family name Palacios and the department of Huehuetenango. In the heart of La Providencia is a beautifully maintained mill that begins at a high point on the sloped property.  It is designed to take full advantage of gravity, where the ripe cherries are placed in water and carried through the depulping process on a series of intricate canals to the drying patios below.

SHB stands for Strictly Hard Bean and like Strictly High Grown (SHG) this term refers to high quality coffee beans grown at altitudes higher than 4,500 feet above sea level. Beans grown at high altitudes mature more slowly and grow to be harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations.  The result is  consistency and taste profile that makes them more desirable.