Guatemalan Antigua Bella Carmona

$16.95 lb.

Bella Carmona is a single estate coffee grown in Antigua, one of the most renowned coffee producing regions in Guatemala.   Hacienda Carmona is owned and operated by Luis Pedro Zelaya, a fourth generation coffee farmer, and his family.  Coffee produced in the Antigua region has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of Antigua’s renowned coffee reputation.  With over 100 years of family knowledge and a formal education in agronomy, Luis Pedro has the unique ability to bring tradition and innovation together.  This mountainous area with rich volcanic soil creates the ideal micro-climate and conditions for growing superb coffee.  After harvesting, the coffee beans are transferred to the mill that the Zelaya family has owned since 1908, and they are mechanically washed, and then dried on raised patios.  The flavors are bright and lively with sweet citrusy undertones, balanced by notes of nuts, cola and chocolate.  The finish is clean, smooth and velvety.  Our tasting notes were reinforced by the fact that Bella Carmona has performed well in the Cup of Excellence several times in recent years.