Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya AB Top GrainPro

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This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Gatomboya Factory (wet mill) in Nyeri County, Kenya.  The Barichu Farmers Co-operative Society manages the Gatomboya Factory, which processes coffee from 600 members who generally cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots.  A complex aromatic profile translates well in the cup, with just the right amount of sweetness, an abundance of fruits, and without being ‘over the top’.  The hot cup has a flavor of tart blackberry juice, with a wine grape accent, and citrus flavors come through as it cools (kumquat, grapefruit, lemon).  It’s a bright cup, like green grape and sweet citrus.

Kenya is the East African lion of the coffee world. Both in the cup, and the way they run their trade, everything is excellent. The best Kenya coffees are not sold simply as generic AA or AB. They are specific auction lots sold to the highest bidder, and heated competition drives the prices very high. Their research and development is top notch, and their quality control is meticulous. Many thousands of small farmers are highly educated in their agricultural practice –and rewarded, as is evident at the auctions — for top level coffee.

In general, this is a bright coffee that lights up the palate from front to back. It is not for people who do not like acidity in coffee (acidity being the prized bright notes in the cup due to an interrelated set of chlorogenic acids). A great Kenya is complex, and has interesting fruit (berry, citrus) flavors.