Panama Maunier Estate

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Panama Maunier Estate is sourced from the Maunier Estate, owned by the Ruiz family and located near the town of Boquete within the province of Chiriqui, Panama. The Ruiz family has worked in the Boquete coffee industry for three generations.

The original family coffee, flower, and vegetable farm was destroyed by flooding in Boquete in 1970, and the family business was redirected towards roasting and exporting. However, opportunities for farm ownership starting in the late 1970s were too good to pass up, and the Ruiz family reinvested in land, eventually purchasing the Maunier Estate in the late 1980s from the same man who sold them their 2 kg coffee roaster.

After yielding its first exportable harvest of 250 bags in 1992, the Maunier Estate has expanded and grown to a 3000-bag-per-year operation, and shares profits with its regional neighbors. The Ruiz family are among the founding donors of the Ngabere literacy program, named for the indigenous population called the Ngabe, who work on the estate during the harvest.

Panama Maunier Estate is grown at 1400 – 1700 meters in volcanic loam soil.  For processing the beans are fully washed and dried in the sun or with mechanical driers.  This coffee has a lush aroma with notes of chocolate, peaches, cherry and cola.  In the cup it’s soft yet creamy with nuances of milk chocolate and cocoa with juicy stone fruit notes.