Sumatra Bener Meriah Mandheling

$15.95 lb.

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is home to one of our customer’s favorite coffees.  No other coffee has the syrupy richness, earthy notes, and smooth flavor of a fine Sumatran. Our Sumatra Bener Meriah coffee is full bodied and has notes of citrus, pine, and butterscotch. The special process of wet hulling this coffee in parchment imparts unique flavors. like hints of bright fruit and dark chocolate.

Sumatra Bener Meriah Mandheling is sourced from the family-owned farms organized around the KSU Gayo Mandiri cooperative located in the Bener Meriah regency within the Aceh district. Aceh is sometimes referred to as Gayo or Gayoland in reference to the local Gayonese ethnic majority. KSU Gayo Mandiri coop was founded in 2008 and currently has 1218 members On average, producers cultivate coffee on 2.5 acres of land using their own micro-mills to depulp and dry coffee. The cooperative hosts regular trainings on best agricultural practices to assist small producers with their organic certification while improving the quality of their coffee. In addition, KSU Gayo Mandiri invest in roads to help producers overcome problems transporting. Their coop also recently purchased an ambulance to improve access to emergency healthcare.

If you are looking for a low-acid coffee with bold flavor, Sumatran is a good choice.