Sumatra IKA Atu Lintang Mandheling Grade 1

$17.95 lb.

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is home to one of our customer’s favorite coffees.  No other coffee has the syrupy richness, earthy notes, and smooth flavor of a fine Sumatran.  This Sumatra Mandheling is sourced from the Jagong Mill and surrounding family-owned farms located in the Atu Lintang coffee region of Aceh province.  The Jagong Mill is owned and operated by Irham Junus with his children, Andi and Ina.  The Junus family has full control of the processing and milling right up to the final export stage which helps avoid the long and convoluted supply lines that can compromise Sumatran quality.

Coffee in this area is grown at 1300 – 1600 meters and the soil is a volcanic loam.  The special process of wet hulling this coffee in parchment and drying in the sun imparts the unique flavors Sumatrans are known for.  This Sumatra has a magnificent heavy body with a rich earthy quality.  Sturdy and direct with notes of dark chocolate, spice and hints of burnt sugar and cherry.  If you are looking for a low-acid coffee with bold flavor, Sumatran is a good choice.