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Shop at our locally owned and operated family business, The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc., serving coffee and tea lovers since 1976.

If you would like to please someone special in your life with a truly unique coffee blend, we recommend our Coffee Lover’s Blend. Exotic sweetness from Jamaica Blue Mountain, fruity and winy pungency from Ethiopian Harrar and rich body from Celebes Kalossi combine to create a romantic blend that is intriguingly complex and unique to our shop.

For an easy drinking coffee, we suggest our new Brazil Fazenda Palto Azul. It’s soft and smooth with nuances of caramel and chocolate and subtle hints of fruit. This fine coffee is very affordable at $14.95 per pound.

How about a treat that is luscious and non-fattening? Try one of our flavored coffees! Our Caramel Decadence is delightful, our Frangelico and Creme is a nutty, creamy mouthful of goodness, and our Pecan Praline is divine.


If possible, buy your coffee beans from a local roaster who takes pride in purchasing the best quality available. At The Kaffeeklatsch, Inc. we have established relations with coffee brokers whom we’ve known for over forty years, and we sample each coffee before purchasing. If you don’t have a local roaster, try some coffee from different sources to find a roaster that suits you.

The correct grind is essential to a great cup of coffee. If you are grinding your own beans, make sure to use a burr grinder and the proper setting for your brewing method. Check our the recommended coffee grinders in our store, or investigate burr grinders on various websites.

The best of coffees can be ordinary if you don’t have a great coffeemaker. We carry a line of Moccamaster automatic drip brewers made by Technivorm. Each model, made in The Netherlands, has a five year warranty and makes an amazing cup of coffee. Also the Bodum French Presses are available in our store in a variety of sizes and styles. This immersion style of brewing creates a rich cup with wonderful mouthfeel. If you have a little time and patience, the manual drip (also known as pour-over) method can offer a terrific way to get your favorite cup. We suggest bringing your water to around 195 degrees F., which is just below boiling point, and pouring so the brew time is about four minutes. Brewing espresso is another way to enjoy coffee — but we’ll discuss that another time.

Have fun exploring the wonderful world of coffee! And if your pleasure is a cup of tea, look over the selection here on our website. There are even more to choose from in our store in Downtown Huntsville! Hope to see you soon.