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Welcome to Our New Website!

You may have noticed our new look around here….We’ve been working on this update for the last few months and are excited to have it up and running now!

Our old website served it’s purpose well for several years but unfortunately the functionality on our back-end was somewhat tedious to deal with so we felt it was time for an update. It’s been truly amazing to see the changes in what you can do with an e-commerce site as a small business compared to when our website was first created!

Once the update started moving along we decided it was time for a new look as well. As you browse our new site we hope the addition of images with our products will add to your experience. We’ve always loved being able to provide information on the farms our coffees originate from (a BIG Thank You to our coffee importer, Royal Coffee, and Hacienda La Minita for all the info and pics they make available to us!) and think the addition of pictures and maps gives more perspective of those countries. Our tea selection tends to draw the eyes of customers in the store, whether they came for that or not. We have some really beautiful teas and we are so happy our web customers can have an up close look now as well!

We really hope you enjoy our new website! Please feel free to give us your feedback or questions.