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New Arrivals!

Looking for something different to try? We have a few new coffees in store that are sure to deliver some great flavors!

Our new Honduras crop comes from small farm, Finca Liquidambar, in the community of Guascotoro, San Jose, La Paz. This micro-lot is Certified Organic and Fair Trade and is processed in the Honey style. It’s sweet and juicy with lots of fruit notes and hints of cocoa and caramel.

If you are a fan of coffees from Costa Rica be sure to try the Costa Rica Mariposa Fancy. This crop is sourced from farm La Mariposa, spanish for butterfly, near the community of Birri, Santa Barbara, Heredia. It is rated as SHB and EP. Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is a designation for growing altitude (1,200 meters or more above sea level) and bean quality (usually a denser, higher quality than Hard Bean) used in Costa Rica and Guatemala. European Prep (EP) shows the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting, usually done by hand. The coffee has a pleasant full body with nuances of tart fruit, honey and chocolate.

We are pleased to be offering a crop from Nicaragua again, it has been several years since we have had one in store. It comes to us from a farm located in Las Sabanas municipality, Madriz. Nicaragua 5 de Junio is designated Certified Organic and Fair Trade (FTO) as well as SHG and EP. Strictly High Grown (SHG) is a very similar designation to SHB. It also defines growing altitude (at least 1,200 meters above sea level) and bean quality (again usually a denser bean and higher quality than High Grown) but is the classification generally used in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. This crop is rich and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, marshmallow, berry and orange.

Our new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe has a really interesting profile. Sourced from a farm located in Worka, Gedeb, Gedeo, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ Region that has been producing coffee since the 1960s. Owner Bedhatu Jibicho takes great pride in the fact that she has managed farm operations for over 50 years at the farm and is passing on this rich tradition to her adult children. This Yirgacheffe is fully washed with a complex profile. Lemon forward, rich and syrupy body with nuances of ginger, jasmine, melon, herbs and chocolate.

We hope you’ll try and enjoy one of these new crops soon. Don’t forget to check out our new t-shirts, featuring our 1929 Jabez Burns coffee roaster, as well!