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Holidays Are Here!

Well here we are in the busiest season at The Kaffeeklatsch for our 43rd year! We always look forward to being here for all your holiday needs, whether it’s entertaining, gifting or receiving.

Our Holiday Schedule:

During December we will have normal store hours through Saturday 12/21. We will be Open Monday 12/23 from 9am to 2pm and Tuesday 12/24 from 9am to 1pm (in case of last minute needs!). As is tradition at The Kaffeeklatsch all cups of coffee are on the house on Christmas Eve, so if you’re in the neighborhood drop on by!

From Christmas Day, Wednesday 12/25 through Friday 01/03/2020 the store will be Closed for our winter break. Don’t forget to stock up before we are closed! We will return to regular business hours on Saturday 01/04. Any orders received during our break will be shipped by Tuesday 01/07.

New Coffees & Teas Available:

We’ve got some lovely new coffees in stock, great for sharing with holiday guests.

Timor Fair Trade Organic is back in stock. We’re pleased to offer a crop from Cooperativa Cafe Timor again. It’s a lovely, rich coffee with a full body and a bit of sweetness. Notes of chocolate galore, toffee and subtle fruit notes. Available for $15.95 per pound. In December we will feature Timor as Coffee of the Month for $14.95 per pound.

Another great coffee back in stock is our Panama Los Naranjos Volcancito. This crop comes to us from Finca Lerida and is produced by Sonia Amoruso, one of the few women involved in specialty coffee in Panama. This coffee has a sweet aroma and a soft, medium body. Notes of cocoa, stone fruits, subtly floral and a pleasant sweet brightness like a lemon pound cake, just delicious! Available for $17.95 per pound.

We’ve got some fantastic new teas in stock as well. They’re so new they haven’t all made it to the website yet but we wanted to give an introduction.

Simao Organic Yellow, $18.50 per quarter pound, is a great tea for anyone trying to get in to green teas, it’s delicate with more subtle notes.

Masala Chai, $5.50 per quarter pound, lovely spiced tea. Winter Walnut, $6.25 per quarter pound, a scented black tea, nutty and floral. These are great choices for the cold weather season.

Rose Corolla, $7.95 per ounce, is beautiful and full of flavor. One of the best dried flower teas we’ve tasted in a while, it also looks so pretty in a glass teapot!

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers:

If you are looking for something special for a coffee lover in your life we’ve got some great picks.

Our Coffee Lover’s Blend is always a treat. Exquisite aroma, exceptional flavor and great body. Available for $29.95 per pound.

Our Costa Rica Geisha is distinctive with several different flavor notes. Different notes will come through at different temperatures making a wonderfully entertaining cup of coffee! Available for $49.95 per pound.

Our Yemen Mocca Sanani is unique and highly flavorful. It’s unlike any other coffee in the world! Available for $24.95 per pound.

We have some great t-shirts available. Our Jabez Burns Roaster is featured on long and short sleeve styles, the short sleeve styles are on sale! We also have some of our past stock gray long sleeve with a cup and bean design on sale as well.

As always gift certificates are available in any denomination or a “Coffee of the Month” delivery is available for up to one year. Please call us with any questions or assistance with ordering and gifting.

We Appreciate Your Patronage and Wish You a Wonderful Holiday Season!