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*Important Information For Ordering and Pick Up*

Now that we are back to offering the option of store pick up, we wanted to go over our policies so you know what to expect.

The store interior will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future. With the size of our space we are not able to accommodate social distancing and can not provide a proper level of safety to our customers or ourselves. To-go coffee cups are still discontinued at this time but we will provide updates as we evaluate our plans for that service.

We can take your order through the website or over the phone. While we will take walk up orders at the door, we may not be able to fill your order on the spot, you may have to return later or make alternate selections. We attempt to prepare pick up and shipping orders same day but this is not guaranteed right now. We suggest ordering ahead rather than just coming to the store.

*If you come to the store: You will not be able to come inside – There will be menus but you will not be able to smell anything or examine any products – We recommend wearing a mask anytime you are out in public – Expect us to be using extra precautions when we interact with you – Please be aware of markings outside the door to help with social distancing*

*If you have any symptoms of illness, have tested positive for COVID-19 or have interacted with someone that has tested positive, please do not come to the store, place an order online or via phone for shipping instead*

For Pick Up Orders:

We are unable to provide curbside service for pick up orders.

Orders placed through the website: receive an email confirmation when order is placed — then receive another confirmation when order is ready for pick up

For call in orders: we’ll take your order — then call you back when it is available for pick up. If you don’t reach us and leave a message with an order, wait for confirmation that order is ready before coming to the store

If you place an order at the door: we may not be able to fill it as you wait — you may have to come back later or make alternate selections.

Between a high order volume, our small staff size and extra safety precautions (including not wanting too many customers waiting around outside the store), it can take us a bit longer to get an order together. Again we highly suggest placing an order ahead of time and waiting for confirmation that it is available for pick up.

For Shipping Orders:

We continue to offer the option of having your coffee shipped, whether you are out of state or at a local address. We especially recommend this for any customers that have any type of illness. Orders can be placed through the website or via phone. Shipping options are USPS or UPS, if you don’t have a preference we choose the lower price for you. *Please note that we have no control over how long a package takes after it has left our store. Our shipping partners are working extra hard right now at a time when they are understaffed so it’s not out of the ordinary for deliveries to take a little longer than we all might be used to.*

We appreciate your understanding of these policies as we continue to do our best to protect our patrons and ourselves in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Any updates or changes will be posted to our website and social media pages.