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Small Peek Behind the Scenes & Our Newest Offerings

In the previous news post I mentioned that one of our business constants is sampling green coffee beans before purchase so I wanted to give you a small glimpse at our sampling process.

We taste and choose all of our samples as a group. Having multiple palates and voices helps ensure we’re picking the highest quality coffees to fit our flavor profiles (of course multiple voices can sometime make the decisions harder!). You may have heard us say it before; we don’t want to sell you something we wouldn’t drink ourselves!

We receive small samples of coffees from our broker to roast and taste. Sometimes it’s a group of samples from one country of origin so that we may compare and choose which one to buy. Other times we’ll get samples for coffees we have already booked and the sample is for our approval before final purchase decision. The size of the samples (around 250 grams max) generally only gives one or two roasts so we have to be meticulous. Samples are roasted on our sample roaster, a Quest M3, the day before we are going to taste.

While we don’t sample using the exact Specialty Coffee Association process, we follow our own protocol. The samples are prepared identically; same water, same weight, same brew process. Samples are tasted blind, usually only the roaster knows what/which, and served in identical wide mouth ceramic cups. We taste together but instead of talking as we go we write our notes/thoughts and discuss after everyone is finished. Each person gives their notes on aroma,taste and body for all the samples. Then we consider which sample fits our profiles, our customers tastes, our blends and our personal tastes. Once we’ve decided what to buy or approve then we consider how much to purchase for the season (just like food crops coffee crops are seasonal). So there you have the basics of how we pick the coffees we carry.

Our newest coffees are listed below, click on any of the links to read more:

Some reminders about our continued new operations;

We miss talking to you at the counter but the store interior will remain closed for the foreseeable futureWe know you’re missing our to-go cups of coffee but we just can’t fit that service into our precautions at this time Our website has been updated to include merchandise so even though you can’t come in you can still see and order coffee & tea accessories. We’re also happy to show you anything at the doorAbout ordering; We are open our regular business hours and orders can almost always be ready same day. We can take your order through the website, over the phone or at the shop door. You can have your order shipped, you can pick up at the door or you can order through Grub South for delivery. We are unable to provide curbside serviceWe greatly appreciate you wearing a mask while you interact with us at the door

As always, we are so grateful for your continued support and we hope you all continue to stay well!