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All About Blends

In April we introduced a new blend, the Love Your Library Blend (very delicious!) so it seems like a great time to highlight our other blends.

Our Single Origin coffees each have a set of flavor characteristics unique to their own country or regions. Creating blends brings those individual flavors together to make a new, and sometimes unexpected, flavor profiles. Some of our blends are more traditional and some we’ve created with certain people,places, or brewing methods in mind.

With more traditional types of blends, you’ll see many roasters and coffee brands with a Breakfast Blend or House Blend but that doesn’t mean you’ll find the same flavors from them. For our Breakfast Blend we mix medium and dark roasted coffees for a rich yet smooth, full bodied brew, whereas others Breakfast Blends may be created to be more soft and easy drinking. House blends vary greatly as most are created to give a shining example of the specific roaster or brand. Our Kaffeeklatsch House Blend was created long ago to be a crowd-pleasing introduction to specialty coffees, back when The Kaffeeklatsch was just about the only “coffee scene” in Huntsville. A blend of 4 different Central and South American coffees, our blend offers an easy drinking cup with interesting flavors, good body and balance.

Likely the first coffee blend ever created was Mocha Java. Don’t confuse this traditional blend with a mocha drink or chocolate flavoring. This blend goes back to the very first coffee growing regions, Yemen and Java, when they were about the only places coffee was grown. Yemen’s port city Mokha (Mocha) was a busy spot, with lots of travelers coming through from Java Island in the Indonesian Archipelago. It just made sense to someone to blend the exquisite coffees from the two areas. For our Mocha Java Blend, we use Yemen and Sumatra Mandheling, another Indonesian coffee, for this distinct blend with striking flavors. Very unique and complex!

Some of our most popular blends came to being through customer needs (and sometimes our own personal wants). The Brazil & French Roast Blend started as a suggestion for customers looking for a bold, yet sweet espresso blend with a nice crema. We found it was just as tasty using other brewing styles as well so we kept suggesting it, patrons kept asking for more, so on the menu it went!

The Cacao Blend was created by a former employee (thanks Aidan!). He wanted a super chocolately nuanced blend to use for making cold brew (fantastic hot brewed too). The crew all enjoyed the blend, and suggested it occasionally to customers. Everyone who tried it wanted more, so Aidan’s chocolate blend became Cacao Blend.

We put equal care in to creating blends as we do roasting our beans. So if you’ve never tried any of our blends, explore all of them under ‘Special Blendson the ‘Coffee’ drop-down menu. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite. Also look out for some additional blends, created for our friends at WLRH (Huntsville Public Radio 89.3 FM), that will be added soon!