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New Arrivals!

Some great new teas are in stock, along with some “old friends” in our coffee offerings too!

We have three new teas, Brazilian Lemonade, Passionfruit & Peach, and Yangtze Green Maofeng, that are prefect for the summertime and these hot temps.

The Brazilian Lemonade has become an immediate favorite here at the shop! Lemonade in Brazil is typically made with fresh limes, so lime is the spotlight of this tea, with other fruit bits added to mellow and sweeten the blend. It’s got a wonderfully creamy body and will remind you of key lime pie. Caffeine free and delicious hot or iced!

The Passionfruit & Peach Fruit Tea is also naturally caffeine free and makes a great cup hot or iced. This straight fruit blend (no floral or herbal ingredients) is so refreshing and has a nice balance of juiciness and sweetness.

If you’d prefer something with caffeine try the Yangtze Green Maofeng. This green tea is light and sweet with notes of sweet peas, lemon, and honey. Using a lower brewing temperature (we recommend 160oF to 170oF) will bring out the best flavor from a green tea and help avoid bitterness and astringency.

Now to the “old friends”, we are very pleased to have both Honduras Liquidambar Honey and Costa Rica Dota Peaberry back on our offerings list!

Yet again, our Honduras sample from Finca Liquidambar was just delicious! We have bought from this farm the last few seasons and owner/operator Roberto Rene Gonzalez does an impeccable job with quality and consistency of his coffee. This years crop is focused and balanced, has a creamy medium body, and flavor notes of chocolate, cocoa, caramel, cherry, and apple, Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade.

We were very pleased with the Costa Rica Dota Peaberry from CoopeDota as well. Although the co-op has grown to having hundreds of producer-members, quality coffee and commitment to the environment are always top goals, along with farming and social programs to better the lives of all producers in the group. This year’s crop is sweet and lush, with a nice chocolate aroma, smooth, medium body, nuances of milk and dark chocolate as well as hints of tart plum and lemon candy.

Such good drinks to be had so try something new or get back to an old favorite!