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More New Arrivals!

We are continuing to get some of our old favorites back in the store this summer. Both Tanzania Peaberry and Costa Rica La Minita are back on the menu now! We found these crops to be so nicely balanced with a mix of pleasant sweet and bright flavor notes.

Our Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry comes out of one of the southern-most regions of the country, bordering Mozambique to the south and the African Great Lake Nyasa to the west. A collaboration between two companies, Soochak Bush and Tropex, acts as a type of cooperative for small farms in the Mbinga district. Having this type of group makes sure small farm-holders can get their crops to the international market and receive fair pay. This crop is smooth and rich, great medium body, with notes of dark chocolate, chocolate chess pie, orange, and grapefruit. On offer for $18.95 per pound.

We know so many of you will be happy to see Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita back on offer! Hacienda La Minita continues to be a pinnacle of meticulous coffee growing and processing. The high altitudes, location of the farm and how the land is worked all come together to create an excellent micro-climate for La Minita’s coffee trees. Elegant, balanced, and refined, this is a lovely crop and on offer for $20.95 per pound.

New T-shirts are in store now as well! It’s a soft and comfy fabric with our logo in color. Sizes small to extra large are available for $20.