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New Arrivals!

We have some new coffees in stock and more on the way!

India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is new to us. We had a short tangent of trying out some coffees from countries we don’t normally carry and we just fell in love with this crop from India! It has a really nice balance of sweet and bright notes with a solid body, just a touch wild.

While you may not recognize the name, we are happy to have Sulawesi Toraja coffee back in stock. We have carried this country’s coffee under “Celebes Kalossi” previously but Sulawesi is the proper country name since their independence in 1945. This crop is heavy, creamy, and rich.

We have a new Ethiopia coffee out of the Sidamo Zone. This one’s smooth and syrupy with nicely balanced sweet and slightly tangy notes. If you’ve been missing our Harrar coffee it’s worth giving this one a try, it’s not quite the same but somewhat reminiscent. Speaking of Ethiopia Harrar, our importer has some on the way to their warehouses but we don’t expect to see a sample until May.

We’ve been featuring our Paupa New Guinea as March’s coffee of the month but we’ve just switched into a new crop. The Papua New Guinea Konkua is a chocolate bomb and just as excellent as the previous Timuza crop.

COMING SOON: Timor-Leste is on the road and we should have it back on the menu in the next couple of weeks. We will also be offering a Brazil Peaberry coffee, look for the in the next couple of weeks. Three new coffee mug styles are on the way as well!