Brazil Sitio Da Torre Peaberry


Our Brazil Sitio Da Torre Peaberry is sourced from the Mantiqueira de Minas region within the state Minas Gerais, Brazil. Because of this regions renowned coffee reputation and optimal growing conditions this area has a protected designation of origin (PDO).  The area is comprised of 25 municipalities with more than 9,000 producers.  Nearly 90% of the farms are considered small producers and are organized through cooperatives that operate in the region to bring their coffee to the international market. This lot is in the smaller percentage as it is sourced from a single estate, Fazenda Sitio da Torre, owned and managed by Álvaro Antônio Pereira Coli.

Álvaro has been in charge of Sitio da Torre for over 24 years and has built a reputation for consistent, quality coffee. The estate has 235 acres (the same land his great-grandfather purchased in the late 1800’s) sitting at about 1,200 masl. The soil is made up of clay minerals. This crop is a Peaberry. Before processing coffee cherries are floated to remove less dense and damaged beans. The crop is processed full natural and sun-dried on patios. After 5 days the coffee is moved to mechanical driers to precisely finish the drying to 11% moisture before final milling and exporting.

Sweet and delicate. Nice milk chocolate aroma, with a very subtle hint of fruit. Smooth, silky, light body in the cup with nuances of milk chocolate, and caramel.