Colombia Don Enrique Reserve Excelso


Our Colombia Don Enrique Reserve Excelso is produced by a group of smallholder farms in the Nariño region of Colombia and sourced through Hacienda La Minita’s, Empresas de Antioquia mill. La Minita began working in Colombia in 1991 when they established a partnership with Don Enrique Vasquez and his family operation out of Bogota and Pasto. This relationship has continued through the years and La Minita decided to create this regional blend in honor of Don Enrique.

Don Enrique Reserve encompasses all of the special qualities of Nariño coffees prepared to the exacting standards of Hacienda La Minita. The blend includes 3 different coffee varieties grown by a group of small family farms in Nariño region. Each farm starts processing steps on site, washing the cherries and then drying the beans in parchment, before sending their crop to Empresas de Antioquia mill in Antioqua region. Once the coffee beans arrive at La Minita’s mill they are analyzed for quality, blended and then removed from parchment. Coffee deliveries to the mill are throughly tracked. This ensures quality from each farmer, as well as quality throughout the final processing before export. There is a base standard every coffee must meet to be purchased by La Minita. Any farmer that exceeds their agreed upon standard will receive a premium price matching the quality of the coffee instead of initial expected price.

Pleasant aroma with nuances of stone fruits, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Smooth and creamy medium body in the cup. Notes of milk and dark chocolate, plum, berry, caramel and a hint of lemon. A really nice cup of coffee!

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