Colombia Huila Acevedo


Our Colombia Huila Acevedo is sourced from a group of 5 producers with small farms around the city of Acevedo, in the department of Huila, Colombia. The group; Alvaro Perdomo, Alexander Collazos Rivera, Julian Gonzalez Muñoz, Nicolas Leyton Fiesco, and Jhoan Manuel Vergara Ayure, partners with Colombian export company Banexport to bring their coffee to the international market.

This model of collaboration between the farmers produces traceable community blends with vibrant regional profiles. Banexport assists the producers with post-harvest protocols to make more consistent blends from the separate farms. At each farm cherries are carefully harvested, depulped, fermented, washed, then gently dried inside solar dryers that protect from rainfall. The alliance with Banexport provides farmers with crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling coffee for export. They also facilitate access to technical support for best practices for farm management, help processing harvests and cupping feedback to help check and improve coffee quality. These types of assistance really help to increase income for everyone, allowing producers to reinvest in their farms and strengthen family livelihoods.

Delicious aroma, like a chocolate pastry with nutmeg and dried fruit. In the cup, notes of dark chocolate, and burnt sugar, along with dried berries and subtle lemon. Good medium body, smooth and a bit rich.