Colombia Huila Palestina AA


Our Colombia Huila Palestina AA is sourced from 5 producers, Fanny Majin Quinayas, Jairo Quiñones Quinayas, Jose Edgar Moreno Guacaname, Yubert Castro Claros and Yeison Andres Cordoba Rodriguez, with farms in the Palestina municipality within the department of Huila, Colombia. Colombian export company, Banexport, works directly with small producers who share a commitment to producing superb coffees through detailed processing and loving care for farm and environment.

Traceable community blends with vibrant regional profiles are created through a collaborative model between multiple farms. Each of the 5 producers of this crop has their own micro-mill where coffee cherries are carefully harvested and processed. Although individual producers have designed their own farm management and post-harvest practices to fit their farms needs the alliance with Banexport helps bring their coffee to the international market. This improves earnings for everyone and allows producers to reinvest in their farms and strengthen their families’ livelihoods.

This crop was grown at 1,650 to 1,750 meters in a clay mineral soil type. Processed fully washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain. Lovely aroma with hints of cocoa, fruits and butterscotch. Rich and vibrant in the cup, nice medium body. Nuances of stone fruits, orange and melon along with cocoa and a hint of butterscotch.