Colombia South Huila Special


This new Colombia South Huila Special Organic comes to us from a group of small farms located in the municipalities of Isnos, San Agustin, Acevedo and Pitalito within the department of Huila, Colombia. This traceable regional blend is grown by 60 small farm producers organized around Coffee Origen Grupo Orgánico Sur De Huila.

Crops in this area are grown at 1,400 to 1,900 meters above sea level in a volcanic loam soil. The producers each have their own micro-mill so they are able to harvest cherries, then depulp, ferment, wash and gently dry the parchment on raised beds to careful standards. The producers under Coffee Origen Grupo Orgánico Sur De Huila have designed their own farm management and post harvest solutions to fit their individual needs. They work together for the crucial logistical things like certifications, warehousing, and milling coffee for export. Coffee Origen Grupo Orgánico Sur De Huila’s mission goals are to encourage production and marketing of the highest quality, but still environmentally conscious coffee to satisfy customer/consumer needs, but also to generate better income and benefits for farmers, their families and communities. Organic certification is the key for the group to achieve sustainability and social progress and to maintain a balance between the economics and the environment.

Pleasing aroma with notes of chocolate, orange blossoms and caramel apples. Solid medium body with good flavor balance in the cup. Nuances of semi-sweet chocolate, caramel, pecan, orange and green apple. Certified Organic.