Colombia Tolima Gaitania


Our Colombia Tolima Gaitania is sourced through the Cooperativa Multiactiva Comercializadora de CafĂ© y Granos del Norte Del Huila (FABICOOP LTDA) and grown around the village of Gaitania, municipality of Planadas in the department of Tolima, Colombia. Although Tolima is positioned among some of the other well-established coffee growing regions, it’s only recently began to make it’s come-up in Colombia’s coffee trade. Thousands of producers have been cultivating in the area for a long time but were isolated due to high violence stemming from armed conflicts and coca leaf production. As conflict has subsided, locally organized associations have lead the way to international market access for these producers.

FABICOOP started in 2013 with 49 producer-members and has since grown to a total of 89 members located within or near-to the southern-most part of Tolima. They make every effort to improve the quality of life of their producers and their families. The cooperative has focused on training programs and certifications for organic growing, along with investment in infrastructure needs like road improvements, and establishment of local warehouses. FABICOOP has also created micro-credit for producers and invested in large impact social programs such as healthcare initiatives, life insurance, and educational opportunities. All of this has come to be by using their collective resources generated from coffee sales.

Members of FABICOOP grow on small farms, generally intercropped with other food crops and plenty of shade trees. Altitudes in the growing area reach 1,560 to 2,010 meters above sea level with a sandy loam type of soil. For processing this crop is fully washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain. This crop is also Certified Organic.

Pleasant aroma of chocolate, toffee, and stone fruit notes. Creamy yet juicy medium body in the cup with nuances of chocolate and toffee balanced with peach, apricot, and apple. Very nice drinking!