Costa Rica Dota Peaberry AA


This Costa Rica Dota Peaberry AA comes to us from the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota R.L. (CoopeDota). One of the finest coffee cooperatives in Costa Rica, CoopeDota was established in 1960 with about 95 members. Now they have about 850 producer-members living throughout the canton of Dota in the San José province, in the mountainous highlands of south-central Costa Rica. The altitudes in this area are 1,550 to 1,950 meters above sea level and due to volcanoes in the area, the soil is a nice volcanic loam, excellent for coffee trees. 

While CoopeDota may have a large member group, they still aim for top quality coffees and an unmatched commitment to the environment. They have a first of its kind certified carbon-neutral mill, featuring hydro-power energy consumption, water efficient eco-pulpers (pulpers remove the mucilage from coffee cherries) and mechanical coffee dryers fueled by coffee parchment. Traceability and quality control are top notch. This detailed traceability and excellent processing allows members to focus their attention on farm management. CoopeDota has an intricate model of income diversification through a profitable agriculture supply store, a tourism department dedicated to showing off members coffee farms, three cafes with roasted coffee from member farms, as well as a cupping/barista training center and trash pickup for all of Santa Maria (the head city of Canton Dota). 

Sweet and lush! Chocolate aroma with a hint of fruit. Smooth, medium body in the cup with nuances of milk and dark chocolate along with hints of tart plum and lemon candy.