Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Natural Gesha


We are excited to have this lovely coffee on offer! Being both a Gesha cultivar and processed in the Natural style, this microlot from Hacienda La Florida is a unique coffee to come out of Costa Rica. Roberto Leiva and his family own and operate the 20 acre farm, located in the Canton of Dota, province of San José.

Coffee in Costa Rica is big business and producers there are known for some of the most innovative adaptations and technology for coffee production. Roberto had been farming other types of fruits and produce at Hacienda La Florida, but more recently he took the leap in to coffee cultivation. Roberto decided from the beginning to try out a more unusual cultivar as well as processing method.

The Gesha cultivar of coffee bean originally came from the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia. In the 1930’s the cultivar started it’s journey to South America, coming to Costa Rica in the 1950’s. It did not become well known from any countries in the region though until the early 2000’s when a Panamanian Gesha scored extremely well on the Specialty Coffee Associations coffee quality scale. Since then more farmers have started growing this variety and it has become prized for it’s delicate, yet wonderfully floral and fruity flavors.

Roberto’s processing choice was also a divergent decision from coffee norms in Costa Rica. While all coffee processing involves multiple steps and specific environmental conditions, the natural style is simple comparatively. Natural style does not require near as much equipment nor excessive use of water or energy, which helped Roberto avoid a large initial investment and keep production costs lower. A naturally processed crop can still be damaged if the conditions aren’t right during drying, but when everything goes right it creates an excellent flavor profile.

Hacienda La Florida grows their Gesha at 1,900 meters above sea level, the soil is a volcanic loam, and of course naturally processed with drying happening on raised beds.

This is a first for The Kaffeeklatsch, while we have sold washed Gesha’s before, we’ve never had a sample that was naturally processed. We were all blown away by the deliciousness of this coffee and just had to get some in the store! It has a beautiful, pungent aroma with nuances of berries–blueberry, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, citrus–orange,lemon, and hints of jasmine and butterscotch. These bright nuances follow through to the cup so eloquently. Stand out notes included strawberry, jasmine, and butterscotch. Other fun notes some of us tasted included jam, cherry Pez, and fruit salad! The body is on the lighter side but still creamy and rich. A truly unique and delightful cup of coffee, we highly recommend giving it a try!

*If you would like to try a quarter or half-pound of this coffee instead of a full pound, please add a note in the “Order Notes” section on the checkout page.*