Costa Rica Hacienda la Pradera Rancho Grande Yellow Honey Geisha


This lovely Yellow Honey Geisha comes to us from Hacienda La Pradera. Located in San Jose Province, Costa Rica in the Tarrazu Valley Region, Hacienda La Pradera is the neighboring farm to Hacienda La Minita. La Pradera was in disrepair a few years ago but they have replanted with a variety of coffee trees, bringing the farm back to working order and creating some excellent microlots. Geisha varietals are planted at the highest elevation of the farm which they have named “Rancho Grande“.

A delightful cup of coffee worth taking the time to savor. Lovely aroma with citrus and floral notes and a hint of herbs. Smooth, medium body in the cup. Nuances of orange blossoms, lemons, jasmine and rosemary shortbread complement each other for a juicy cup with just a touch of sweetness.

If you would like to try a quarter or half-pound of this coffee instead of a full pound please add a note in the “Order Notes” section on the checkout page or call the store at (256) 539-1636.