Costa Rica La Minita Honey-Processed


Located in the mountainous region of Tarrazu, La Minita plantation produces one of the finest coffees in the world. In 1999 our visit to the La Minita plantation in Costa Rica was a true education in how a coffee farm should be managed. Owner, Bill McAlpin, oversees every phase of the operation, from preparation of the seedlings to the hand sorting, that creates this superb coffee. La Minita is Rain Forest Alliance Certified.

Now La Minita has taken a foray into the Honey-Process. In this process the coffee cherry has just a bit of the fruit stuck to the bean while it dries rather than having all the fruit removed. The result is a brighter, fruitier, sweeter flavor in the cup.

Combinations of soils, rainy and dry seasons, intense sunlight and perfect temperatures make this area of Tarrazu ideal for growing coffee. Modern roads, housing and medical facilities allow workers to enjoy high quality living standards and to attend the cultivation and harvesting with great care. While the coffee trees are flowering and the cherries are ripening, the farmers attend to pruning, replanting, weeding with machetes, fertilizing and caring for shade trees. After picking, the crop is milled and prepared for shipment with only 30% meeting the strict standards that define La Minita coffee. This meticulous preparation is unrivaled in the coffee industry resulting in a product that has been called the “champagne” of coffees. For more information visit their web site at

Sweet aroma with fruit and floral hints, full body, great acidity, notes of berry, apple and chocolate and a delicately clean aftertaste.