Costa Rica La Minita


Located in the mountainous region of Tarrazu, La Minita produces one of the finest coffees in the world. In 1999 our visit to the La Minita farm in Costa Rica was a true education in how a coffee farm should be managed. Owner, Bill McAlpin, oversees every phase of the operation, from preparation of the seedlings to the hand sorting, that creates this superb coffee. Since the first production of this single estate coffee in 1989, The Kaffeeklatsch has continually been one of the selected U. S. roasters to receive the annual crop of Costa Rica La Minita.

In spite of the fact that Costa Rica and the La Minita farm faced many difficult challenges this year, this year’s crop is the best we have tasted since the early 1990s. Some of these challenges were changing weather patterns, the leaf rust known as Roya, lower yield off the farm and higher production costs. Through all of these challenges the La Minita farm produced and harvested an amazing crop of coffee with the hard work and dedication from the farm and mill employees. When we visited the farm, we witnessed the attention to detail that goes into making this fabulous coffee, from picking the ripest coffee cherries, to hand sorting and careful milling. Of course, it is up to the roaster to transform the raw, green coffee bean into the beautiful, aromatic roasted Costa Rica La Minita coffee that we offer you. This year’s crop of La Minita is elegant, refined and crystal clear as always. In the cup it has fine acidity, a medium body and sweet flavors of citrus, caramelized sugar and dark chocolate. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this internationally known single-estate coffee.

La Minita is now Rainforest Alliance Certified. As an estate, as opposed to a co-op, this coffee cannot be certified as Fair Trade. However, workers receive pay that is 30% higher than the national average. They are offered pension plans and free onsite health care from the estate. All work is done by hand, like a huge backyard garden. No herbicides are used in production.

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