Costa Rica Mariposa Fancy


Costa Rica Mariposa Fancy SHB EP Grainpro is sourced from a farm owned by Jose Antonio Garcia near the community of Birri in Santa Bárbara within the province of Heredia, Costa Rica. Jose Antonio has owned the 50 acre farm, called La Mariposa (spanish for butterfly), for over 30 years. Jose Antonio delivers his coffee cherries to Cafe de Altura de San Ramon, a group that processes coffee from 3,800 producers throughout four coffee growing regions of Costa Rica. The group assists producers with processing, as well as marketing, exporting and roasting as needed, with the goal of helping producers obtain the best prices possible for their crop and creating a general well-being for producers and their communities. They have a state of the art wet-mill designed to process traceable micro-lots. This collaboration allows Jose Antonio to focus his attention and resources on his farm and meticulous cherry selection.

This crop is grown at 1,500 meters in a volcanic loam soil. The coffee cherries are fully washed after pulping and fermenting and dried on patios for 18 days. The aroma is sweet with nuances of chocolate and fruits. In the cup this coffee is sweet, bright and buttery with a pleasant full body. Notes of chocolate, caramel, tart fruit and honey.

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