Ethiopia East Harrar Nafisifi


Our Ethiopian East Harrar Nafisifi comes from the legendary Harai region.  This area is best known for the Harrar Horse coffee brand made famous by the Somali King, Mohamed Adullahi Ogsady.  This East Harrar crop is sourced and exported by Nafisifi, an exporting company co-founded by Abdirashid AbdullahiAbdirashid is a descendant of the Horse, being the nephew of Mohamed Adullahi Ogsady, and he has spent multiple decades bringing back a Harrar coffee with the luster the Horse brand used to carry.

The coffee cherries are sourced from family owned farms from indigenous heirloom cultivars and grown at 1,200 to 2,100 meters in vertisol (a clayey soil that occurs in regions with distinct wet and dry seasons).  The cherries are processed in the full natural style and dried on raised beds.  Abdirashid has implemented protocols for meticulous hand sorting before and after the drying and milling stages, as well as raised bed drying for consistency during that stage. The goal is to reach near zero defects to bring out a quality coffee matching the Harrar Horse Brand.

Thick aroma with notes of mixed berries, stone fruits, and earthiness. In the cup, the body is full, rich, and smooth with nuances of toffee and earthiness, along with a mix of stone fruit and berry notes; plum, apricot, strawberry, blackberry. The fruit notes turn more wine-like as the cup cools.