Ethiopia Guji 1 Natural Uraga


Ethiopia Guji 1 Natural Uraga is sourced from a group of 600 families organized around a washing station owned by Feku Jiberil. The washing station is located in the town of Tomme, Guji Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. This area is surrounded by some of our other favorite Ethiopian coffee towns and woredas (subcities); Yirgacheffe, Gedeb and Hambela.

Coffee producers working with Feku bring their ripe cherries to the washing station for processing. Indigenous heirloom cultivars make up this crop that was grown at 1,650 to 1,800 meters in a vertisol type soil (very clay-like with little organic matter). For this lot the cherries were processed full natural. After being sorted cherries are placed on raised beds and dried over a period of 18 to 21 days. The raised beds are carefully constructed for proper air circulation and temperature control and cherries are turned regularly to prevent damage during drying. After the cherries reach the desired moisture level they are stored locally until transported to Addis Ababa, capitol of Ethiopia, for milling, bagging and then exportation.

An alluring coffee with deep flavor and focus. The aroma is full of chocolate and berries. In the cup it’s rich and full bodied with nuances of fudgy dark chocolate, strawberry and blueberry, with a hint of citrus and a pleasing winey feeling as it cools.