Ethiopia Queen City Harrar 4 Natural


Our Ethiopia Queen City Harrar is produced by Abdirashid Abdullahi using coffees sourced from family-owned farms in the Harari People’s Regional State, Ethiopia. Located east of Addis Ababa where the Great Rift Valley meets the Ahmar Mountain Range, the Harari Region is the smallest of Ethiopia’s ten ethno-linguistically based regional states. Abdirashid Abdullahi is the nephew of the world famous Harar Horse Coffee brand producer (and Somli King) Mohamed Abdullahi Ogsadey.

All coffees in Ethiopia go through the ECX (Ethiopia Commodity Exchange). It was established in 2008 to help improve price transparency and create higher payments for farmers. Originally anyone that purchased lots was not allowed to be involved in both the exporter and farm/mill sides. Prior to the ECX, Abdirashid worked with individual farms to improve farming practices and find the highest quality beans. The creation of the ECX put a hold on Abdirashid’s projects until 2018 when rules were changed. Now he is back to working directly with farms again and is able to be particular with the coffee beans he selects. In general a Grade 4 Harrar coffee would blend high and low quality coffees and minimal further processing would be performed after blending. Abdirashid’s Harrar coffees are different. He specifically buys only the top lots at the ECX for Queen City Harrar and does further processing to ensure the highest cup quality, hearkening on the glory days of the Harar Horse Coffee brand.

The coffee cherries in this crop are grown between 1,200 and 2,100 m.a.s.l. in a vertisol type soil. Cherries are meticulously hand sorted then processed full-natural with drying done on raised beds in the sun. After being milled they are sorted again to near zero defects.

Deep earthy aroma with hints of spice and cocoa. In the cup there are nuances of rich earth, super dark chocolate, red wine and allspice. Smooth, full body with a creamy finish.