Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina


Our Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina is sourced from a group of family-owned farms associated with Finca Medina, located near the city of Antigua, Sacatepéquez department, Guatemala. Finca Medina works directly with a select group of farmers that have a shared commitment to care for their farms and the environment.

This area, located in the highlands of Guatemala near the southern coast, is surrounded by three volcanoes. To the south, Volcán de Agua, then to the west, Volcán de Fuego, and Volcán de Acatenango. The valley’s between these volcanoes, along with the climate, make excellent growing conditions for coffee trees. The volcanic loam type soil is full of minerals. Temperatures remain fairly steady between 65 to 75°F with a high level of humidity. Weather patterns are generally reliable and their is plenty of heavy rainfall. Native chalum and grevillea trees are nitrogen fixing and provide a canopy of shade. These factors come together to create the Antigua profile. Because of Antigua’s renowned coffee reputation the region has a protected designation of origin (PDO).

Finca Medina helps its group of producers with all things farm related as well as through social programs. Farmers have access to technical support for farm management, cupping feedback, Rainforest Alliance certification, plant seedlings/grafts, and training in environmental care and personal protective equipment use. Socially Finca Medina has programs that offer assistance in education, health/dental care and insurance, training in family healthcare and hygiene, and help with school supplies and enrollment costs.

Most growers in the group do not have the infrastructure for post-harvest processing at their farm, so Finca Medina has a centrally located collection point where farmers can easily deliver their cherries. The cherries are then transported to Finca Medina’s wet mill. Here the cherries are floated to remove less dense or damaged coffee first. Next the coffee beans are depulped and then fermented for up to 36 hours. Coffee beans then dry on patios for about 2 weeks when they reach around 11% moisture content. Finally the beans are sent to Finca Medina’s dry mill for final prep before export. Here the beans are dehulled and then sorted using gravity beds, screens, and an electronic color sorter. This type of collaborative effort, between farmer and vertically integrated exporter, produces a traceable community blend with a vibrant and clean regional profile.

Lovely aroma with notes of stone fruit, cinnamon, and chocolate. Nuances of plum, black cherry, and apple are balanced by cocoa, and allspice in the cup. Full, medium body. Nice complexity.